Ankle Tracker Solutions

Traxbean provide all-in-one solution for community correction including both hardware(ankle tracker) and software(Web and Mobile)


Use Cases


Keep track the location and alarm of the offender in probation period


Put the prisoner in the community correction program


The law enforcement are keeping the parolees under constant surveillance .


Protect and monitor the pretrial-released or bailed defendants


Keep track the location of the mental patient for their safety


Keep the infected person stay at home or hospital

Ankle Tracker(TR40)

TR40 is a 4G gps ankle tracker for community correction programmer. it provide gps,WIFI,LBS accurate location.The features are including realtime tracking, location history

TR40 is a 4G wearable device with water proof and tamper proof features. it is very solid strong, very difficult to cut. when someone like to cut it the device will trigger alarm to the user and the server. TR40 install a long standby battery, it can last more than 2 weeks. The supervisor can send voice message to the device and it support multiple geofence with different shape. It is a device design for law enforcement and community correction progam.

ankle tracker,prisoner tracker,offender tracker,gps tracker

Key Features

Real-time Location

Location History

Polygon Geofence

Water Proof

Tamper Proof

Voice Call

SOS button

Portable Charger

Mobile Apps

Precise GPS Location

Support GPS/Glonass/WIFI/LBS, It can get location both outdoor and indoor, geofence supported

SOS and Phone Call

The device can do 2 ways commununication phone call with physical SOS button

IP67 Water Proof

It is IP67 water proof, it is not problem to wash hand even drop to water for a few minutes

Tamper Proof

It is very solid strong.While the strap is tampered it will trigger alarms to user and server

ankle tracker,prisoner tracker,offender tracker,gps tracker

Precise Location & Geofence


TR40 is getting location by GPS, WIFI, LBS, it can make the location more accurate. The system will keep more than 6 months location history. The data will keep encryption. The parents also can delete those data any time. The manager can create geofence to getting alert when the targets are exit or enter the geofence.


Monitor Center

Manage The Targets With One Solution

Traxbean provide all-in-one solution for community correction including ankle tracker, mobile apps, web platform, big LED screen monitor center.

The law enforcement departments and the community offices can share the data collaborate efficiently from multiple locations.

ankle tracker,prisoner tracker,offender tracker,gps tracker

Strap Tamper Proof


As it design for tracking prisoners, it is very solid strong. The strap is embedded with special metal so it is difficult to cut. When someone try to cut with special tools, the tamper alarm will be sent to the supervisors. The system will keep the tamper alarm record as one impportant evaluation point of the community correction program.


Innovative Portable Charger

ankle tracker,prisoner tracker,offender tracker,gps tracker

Charge anywhere anytime

We design a portable charger which is able to attach to the ankle tracker to recharge for multiple time, so that the ankle tracker is easy to be charged anywhere anytime without a cable connection.

IP68 Water Proof


Because the tracking user will need to wear the ankle tracker all the time. The device is designed as high standard IP68 water proof. The user can wear it even if he/she takes a shower or swim.

ankle tracker,prisoner tracker,offender tracker,gps tracker


Please find the Specification of PT426 below, detail datasheet please contact our sales manager

Network and GPS

4G bands
B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B7 B8 B17 B20 B28A
850/900/1800/1900 MHZ


SOS button
Voice Call
Alarm Clock
Tamper Proof

Work Condition

20 to 60 degree
Stand by current
Stand by time
10-14 days
Water proof

Size and Weight

148 g
Battery Volume

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Smart Watch OEM/ODM

Our engineer team can work on different chipset, MTK and Qualcomm with all kind of sensors. We can share the technical documents with our clients.

Open API & SDK

We provide Open API for our clients and partners to easily integrate the smart watch to their system, they also can use the Open API.

Web & Mobile Apps

We provide both web platform and mobile apps for our clients/partners. they can use their own logo and brand on the platform and Apps.

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