Ankle Tracker Design Life Cycle

We provide the full services in the ankle tracker/prisoner tracker and other IoT product life cycle including but not limit like ID/MD prototype, PCBA design, firmware, reliability testing, material safety test. We are dedicated for quality.

PCB Desgin

Traxbean has in-house engineering team to design and modify the PCBA design for different kind of IoT/GPS tracking products including multiple sensors. It allow our client has the flexibility to fulfill various business requirements.


ID/MD Prototype

Industrial design and mechanism design are very important for any electronic products. Our consumers will only pay for nice looking, user-friendly and fully functional products. We know what our customers need.



Firmware is the brain of the smart devices, we can implement the smart algorithm on the firmware and integrate with OTA features, taht allow the engineer team can constantly improve the products and upgrade remotely.


ID/MD Prototype

We can make design per your requirement, giving life to your ideas is one of our mission. DFM involves efficiently designing or engineering an object, generally during the product design stage.

ankle tracker,prisoner tracker,offender tracker,gps tracker

ankle tracker,prisoner tracker,offender tracker,gps tracker

ankle tracker,prisoner tracker,offender tracker,gps tracker

Ankle Tracker PCBA

We work with our client/partner to choose the correct chipset and sensors, design the schematic diagram and PCBA. Our enineers focus on build things to solve problem, they will speak up when things go wrong.


ankle tracker,prisoner tracker,offender tracker,gps tracker



Quality is at the heart of our product development. The high quality of our products ensures our customers can rely on us to deliver reliable business solutions. In order to guarantee our high-quality standards are achieved, we’ve implemented quality control procedures that are stricter than general industry requirements.

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