Ankle Tracker SDK

Ankle Tracker SDK is running on the Android system in the device. It allow you to develop your own firmware to run on the anlke tracker. You can chagne the server it connected, You can use different command set and protocol to communicate with your server. You can use special encryption for the data security.

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Can I get SDK when I order samples?

We will not release SDK when our client only order samples. We are able have enough resources to provide technical support for every customers on the SDK.

What skill I need to use the SDK?

You need to be familiar with app development on Android system, you will need to make coding by Java.

How I load the firmware after I built?

We will provide tools and guide line for you to load the firmware when you are doing test. We will help you to load your firmware on the factory when we make the mass production.

Differece with Open API

Traxbean Open API is allow our customers to get their own data from Traxbean server to their own server. it is an web API. Traxbean SDK is an component running on Android system in the ankle tracker, it allow our clients can develop their own firmware on the ankle tracker so that they can fully control and customized the ankle tracker.

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