Features Of The Web Platform


Obtain current offender location and device information at any time


Easily create zones in the shape of a circle, square or polygon


Notification will be sent by text or email while management rules violation.


Allocate tasks to the supervisors by the management backend.


On-Demand Reports is available download to Excel or PDF.


Enrollment and discharge during community correction program.

Offender Tracking


quickly view current or historical tracking on an offender at any time; queries can be customized via a selected time-frame. obtain current offender location and device information at any time.


Inclusion/Exclusion Zones(Geofence)


easily create zones in the shape of a circle, square or polygon. create one or multiple schedules per zone; “active” based upon set date range. Create schedule overrides in advance for holidays, doctors’ appointments, court dates, officers’ visit etc.


Home Beacon Support


With the optional home beacon, the bracelet converts to RF monitoring when in range and can reduce location and communication alerts, maximizing performance and extending bracelet battery life. This is ideal for targets that live in apartments or high-rise buildings.


Graphic Reports

Different type of graphic report is provided for the management. They are used to quickly compare and analyze trends and data. it is easy to figure if there is an issue may happen.


ankle tracker,prisoner tracker,offender tracker,gps tracker


Management Platform


Support multiple layer organizations, every layer organization can add sub group. each organization can setup their management users and permission system.


We have 3 different optionsto implement our web application for our customers, you can choose the by your budget plan or your project requirements


Host the web application on Traxbean server but using your own domain name, logo, customized login page. You don’t need to buy the server and manage the server, it is low cost for a small business to get started or even to do a demo.


Private Installation

We will implement the whole system on your own server including all the service and database. You will need to have your own server but you have the benefit to own the database and no need to pay yearly for the software.


Full Version

We will customized the features per your requirements and release all the source code and development documentation to your team, so that you can manage all the features and source code, it is the top plan


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