Why need it?

Further Development

Some companies are getting details project requirements from their clients, they will need to make some changes for the specific projects for example add new features, localization and so on. They will request for the source code to make further development on it. That will make the development process more quicker.

Securty Audit

The government or big business project may require to do the security audit by their IT team to make some there is no back door in the software, for example the data is encrypted, the transfer channels are protected and the coding is solid. Source code will be needed during the audit process.

Intellectual Property

Software is a very important intellectual property and valuable asset for any companies, It will be critical to have all the software source code to have the full intellectual property.


Can I get source code when I order samples?

We will not release any source code when our client only order samples.

Is the source code free?

No, it is not free. We will charge for the source code release. But we will also consider to give free source code when the projet is very important and the size is big.

When I should request source code?

When you confirm to close the deal with your client. if it is benefit for you to get the source code, you should request us to release the source code.

What source code we can release

1. Web Application
2. Mobile Apps.
3. Server side gateway
4. Device Firmware
5. Website

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