Low Power Bluetooth Wearable IoT And Ankle Tracker

Ankle Tracker Inspiration

Ankle tracker is an excellent product we are making on the same hardware platform but implement in law enforcement solutions. To get more information please click the link Contact Us

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BLE Smart Watch

Elderly will benefit to use BLE smart watch to monitor their health and safety, it is going report the location/heart rate and other sensor data to data center.

ankle tracker,prisoner tracker,smart watch,gps tracker,BLE design

Ankle Tracker Design

Ankle tracker new innovative design for offender/prisoner tracking. Please get more ODM/JDM information about the ankle tracker/smart watch on our service pages

ankle tracker,prisoner tracker,smart watch,gps tracker,BLE design

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ankle tracker,prisoner tracker,smart watch,gps tracker,BLE Design

About BLE Wearable

As Internet is popular during the process of popularization and application of communication technology, low-power BLE bluetooth with its characteristics of low cost, low power consumption has been widely applied to our daily life, such as intelligent household, consumer electronics, sensors, data acquisition, etc., why the bluetooth technology with low power consumption is applied so widely, what advantages does it have? Let’s analyze it.ankle tracker

1. The communication distance of Low power Bluetooth is about 100 meters (current BLE 5.0 communication distance is up to 300 meters), so the theoretical communication distance of Bluetooth devices can be up to 100 meters, but the practical application will be interfered by the surrounding environment obstruction, the communication distance is less than 100 meters, but in the general smart home products or consumer electronics applications, This communication distance is also sufficient for practical applications.

2.Low power Bluetooth is widely used in mobile terminals. At present, the mainstream smart phone operating systems (IOS system and Android system) support low power Bluetooth, creating conditions for the development of low power Bluetooth.

3.Small button battery powered. Due to low power consumption, Low power Bluetooth is a good solution to power low consumption Bluetooth devices in the Internet of Things. A standard button battery can last for several years.

4.Data transmission speed up to 2Mbps(Bluetooth 5 is 2Mbps)

Ankle Tracker With BLE

Traxbean future design will integrate the BLE with 4G to get a low power consumption hardware with good wireless connection anywhere, so that the data can tansfer to the server anytime anywhere. The users of the ankle tracker won’t need to recharge the ankle tracker every day. that is a lot of pain for them so far to use the ankle tracker. The same big battery in the ankle tracker can last 2-3 months.

ankle tracker,prisoner tracker,smart watch,gps tracker,BLE Design