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[Video]PT400-Call Locator For The Disabled, Location Monitoring For The Mentally ill, Ankle Bracelet For Autistic People

Ankle Monitor PT400 Tamper Proof GPS Watch is a kind of GPS positioning watch prisoner tracker that can be enforced and can not be…

[Video]PT400-4G Isolation Bracelet Epidemic Prevention And Control Smart Wristband Hotel Foreign Trade Smart Watch Cross-Border Locator

In the face of a global pandemic, innovative solutions to contain the spread of the virus are being developed. One…

[Video]PT400-GPS Tracker For Prisoner Tamper Proof Wrist Anti Cut Electronic Monitoring Watch House Arrest

[Video]PT400-Android Smart Watch APP/APK Application Customized GPS Positioning Windows/Linux Software System

GPS positioning systems have become an essential tool for navigation and tracking for both personal and professional use. With the…

Location And Tracking Solutions for Drug Treatment-Tamper Bracelet

[Video]PT880-4G Android Watch SDK Secondary Development GPS Positioning Communication Protocol TCP/MQTT Customization

The development of a 4G Android watch with video recording capabilities has the potential to revolutionize the world of wearables….

[Video]MT2-Smart Watch with SOS: Monitor Elderly Health and Location

Smartwatches with SOS are becoming increasingly popular as a way to monitor elderly health and location. With the rise of…

[Video]PT400HT -Tamper Alarm Watch GPS Prisoner Tracker Wristband Bracelets With GPS For Elderly Patient

Electronic Monitoring with PT400 Watch GPS Tracker

PT400 anti-demolition smart watch is a kind of Beidou GPS positioning watch that can be enforced and can not be…

3-Proof GPS Watch Location&Health Monitoring Sports Smart Bracelet-MT2