Introducing the PT880, a powerful smart watch designed specifically for power station workers. This advanced wearable device offers a comprehensive solution for positioning control and attendance monitoring in power station environments. With its 4G connectivity, health detection capabilities, and innovative features, the PT880 ensures the safety and efficiency of power station operations.

  • Positioning Control System Solution: The PT880 integrates with a positioning control system, allowing real-time tracking and monitoring of power station workers. This ensures accurate positioning and enhances safety by providing supervisors with essential information about workers’ locations and movements within the power station.
  • Smart Watch Attendance Wristband: The PT880 functions as a convenient attendance wristband, allowing seamless and efficient attendance tracking for power station workers. It eliminates the need for manual attendance recording and streamlines the process, saving time and improving accuracy.
  • 4G Connectivity: With built-in 4G connectivity, the PT880 enables instant communication and data transfer, facilitating smooth coordination and collaboration among power station workers. It allows for efficient information exchange and enhances overall operational efficiency.
  • Health Detection Bracelet: The PT880 features health detection capabilities, monitoring vital signs of power station workers such as heart rate and activity levels. This promotes worker well-being and allows for early detection of any health issues or emergencies.

Discover the PT880, a smart watch designed to address the unique needs of power station workers. Watch the video to explore how the PT880 integrates with a positioning control system, providing real-time tracking and monitoring for enhanced safety. Experience the convenience of the smart watch attendance wristband, simplifying attendance tracking and improving efficiency. Witness the power of 4G connectivity in facilitating seamless communication and data transfer among power station workers. Discover the health detection capabilities of the PT880, ensuring the well-being of workers and enabling early intervention in case of emergencies. Experience the PT880 and its contribution to the safety and efficiency of power station operations.