February 2024

[Video]TR40-4G House arrest bracelet with power bank prisoner electronic GPS ankle monitor

[Video]TR40-Electric Foot Buckle Prison Guards Bail Parole Out Escort Special Stainless Steel Silicone Strap Real-Time Positioning

Introducing the TR40, an innovative electric foot buckle designed to enhance the security and efficiency of prison guard operations during…

[Video]GT2-4G Android 8.1 sports smart watch with fashionable senior GPS watch for people

[Vedio]GT2-Smart Labor Monitoring Bracelet Standard Program APP Heart Rate Detection Exercise Meter Step GPS Watch PCBA Design

Introducing the GT2, a cutting-edge smart labor monitoring bracelet designed to enhance workplace safety and improve the well-being of workers….

[Video]TR40-Ankle Monitor GPS prisoner tracker bracelet MQTT ankle GPS Watch

[Vedio]TR40-Smart Electronic Handcuff Anti-Disassembling Alarm SOS Phone Offline Alarm Geofencing Real-Time Positioning

Introducing the TR40, a revolutionary smart electronic handcuff designed to enhance security and ensure effective prisoner supervision. This advanced device…

[Video]PT400-Mental health bracelet for critically ill patients Smart Hospital Elderly Care Positioning Control System

Introducing the PT400, a state-of-the-art smart hospital elderly care positioning control system designed to provide advanced care and monitoring for…

[Video]PT880-House arrest bracelet with power bank prisoner electronic GPS ankle bracelet

[Vedio]PT880-Judicial Supervision Positioning Wristband GPS Anti-Demolition Electronic Bracelet Customized SOS Emergency Dial Alarm Watch

Introducing the PT880, a state-of-the-art judicial supervision positioning wristband designed to enhance offender monitoring and ensure community safety. Equipped with…

[Video]PT400HT -Tamper Alarm Watch GPS Prisoner Tracker Wristband Bracelets With GPS For Elderly Patient

[Video]PT400-Thinkrace Locator For The Elderly Loss Prevention Mini 4G Tracking Position Bracelet Supports Communication Protocol

Traxbean electronic handcuffs and ankle cuffs are equipped with an emergency alarm function to respond to emergencies. These features may…

Location And Tracking Solutions for Drug Treatment-Tamper Bracelet

[Video]TR40-Smart Wear Tamper Ankle 4G Position GPS Monitor Electronic Bracelet Anti-cutting Off Alarm Geofence

Electronic handcuffs/ankle cuffs are devices that are locked onto the wrists/ankles of individuals under supervision, using technologies such as mobile…

[Video]PT880-4G Android Watch Video SDK Secondary Development GPS Position Communication Protocol TCP/MQTT

The integration of a GPS module into the smart wearable devices is a crucial feature of the home smart elderly…

Thinkrace Personnel Tracking System Ensures Enhanced Safety

[Video]Beacon-Demo of Indoor Tracking Function with Beacon

We are excited to demonstrate our indoor tracking function with beacon technology, a cutting-edge solution that brings location tracking indoors….

Thinkrace Personnel Tracking System Ensures Enhanced Safety

[Vedio]Beacon-Demo of Home Beacon Geofence Alert Function

Our cutting-edge Bluetooth Beacon GPS Indoor Positioning System revolutionizes location tracking and navigation in indoor environments. By leveraging Bluetooth beacons…