Introducing the TR40, a revolutionary smart electronic handcuff designed to enhance security and ensure effective prisoner supervision. This advanced device incorporates cutting-edge features such as anti-disassembling alarm, SOS phone, offline alarm, geofencing, and real-time positioning, providing comprehensive monitoring and control capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Anti-Disassembling Alarm: The TR40 is equipped with an anti-disassembling alarm system that triggers immediate alerts if any attempts to tamper or remove the handcuff are detected. This ensures enhanced security and prevents unauthorized actions.
  • SOS Phone: In emergency situations, the handcuff features an integrated SOS phone, allowing prisoners to send distress signals and communicate with authorities for immediate assistance.
  • Offline Alarm: With the offline alarm function, the TR40 sends alerts if it goes offline or loses connection, enabling prompt action to locate and address any potential issues.
  • Geofencing: The device supports geofencing technology, enabling the creation of virtual boundaries. If a prisoner exceeds the predefined boundaries, the system triggers alarms, providing timely notifications to the supervising authorities.
  • Real-Time Positioning: The TR40 utilizes real-time positioning technology, allowing authorities to monitor the precise location of the handcuffed individual at all times, ensuring effective supervision and preventing escape attempts.

Experience the power of the TR40, a state-of-the-art smart electronic handcuff that combines advanced security features, SOS communication capabilities, and real-time positioning. With its anti-disassembling alarm, geofencing, and offline alarm, the TR40 ensures comprehensive prisoner supervision and maximizes security measures. Trust in this innovative solution to enhance law enforcement capabilities and ensure the safety of both officers and prisoners.