Traxbean electronic handcuffs and ankle cuffs are equipped with an emergency alarm function to respond to emergencies. These features may include emergency buttons or triggers that the supervised individual can press to send an emergency signal to the monitoring center or relevant personnel for assistance or handling of the emergency situation.

The design life of electronic handcuffs/ankle cuffs is over 5 years, and they can be reused. The battery warranty from the factory is 1 year, but it does not mean that the battery can only work for one year. Generally, the battery will experience some degree of attenuation after one year of use.
Since electronic handcuffs/ankle cuffs need to be worn for a long time and cannot be easily removed, we have designed a mobile charging device that can directly charge the device while the user is wearing it.

The Traxbean system has a rich set of APIs. Customers can build a complete system based on the APIs or integrate the data into their own systems using the APIs.