Smart electronic ankle buckle: Innovative technology helps judicial supervision

With the continuous progress of science and technology, public security departments have also introduced innovative smart devices in the field of judicial supervision. Public security intelligent electronic ankle bracelet, also known as Beidou GPS satellite prisoner positioning ankle bracelet, is a high-tech product designed for judicial supervision. This article will introduce the functional characteristics, application scenarios and the importance of this device in judicial supervision.

First, Beidou GPS satellite positioning: accurate tracking

The core function of the public security intelligent electronic ankle buckle is its Beidou GPS satellite positioning system. The Beidou System is China’s self-developed global satellite navigation system, which can provide more accurate positioning services when combined with the GPS system.

Dual system positioning: Integrated Beidou and GPS dual satellite systems to ensure accurate positioning on a global scale.

Real-time monitoring: Tracking the location of prisoners in real time, providing a powerful means of supervision for the public security department.

Second, anti-demolition design: to ensure the safety of equipment

In order to prevent prisoners from illegally removing or destroying the electronic ankle clasp, the device uses an advanced tamper-proof design.

Anti-demolition alarm: Once illegal disassembly is detected, the device will immediately issue an alarm.

Strong structure: The use of high-strength materials to ensure the durability and safety of the equipment.

Third, call function: emergency communication

The public security smart electronic ankle buckle also has a call function, enabling emergency communication between supervisors and supervised objects.

Two-way call: Supports two-way voice communication between supervisors and regulated objects.

Emergency contact: In case of emergency, the supervised object can contact the supervisor through the device.

Fourth, geofencing: intelligent supervision

Geofencing technology is another important function of the police smart electronic footwell, which allows supervisors to set specific activity areas.

Area restrictions: Set a geofencing to limit the activities of the supervised object.

Out-of-line alarm: Once the supervised object leaves the set area, the system will automatically issue an alarm.

Application scenarios: Multi-faceted application of judicial supervision

Public security intelligent electronic ankle buckle has a wide range of application scenarios in judicial supervision.

Bail supervision: Used to supervise prisoners on bail to ensure that they comply with legal requirements.

Community correction: Support community correction work to help prisoners better integrate into society.

Special population supervision: Provide a more humane approach to supervision for people who require special supervision, such as minors or prisoners with mental illness.

Vi. Conclusion

The introduction of intelligent electronic footbuckle for public security not only improves the efficiency and safety of judicial supervision, but also provides a more humane regulatory environment for the supervised objects. With the continuous development of technology, we expect this device to play a greater role in the future judicial supervision and contribute to the construction of a harmonious society.