Demo video of Global positioning system (GPS)

Thinkrace had developed a Global positioning system (GPS),including backend system and GPS tracker.This video will take tamperproof watch as an example to present the system for you.

The GPS tracker keep communicates with the backend system.The system would show it’s location.The main interface shows multiple data statistics chart including online,alert,location heatmap,etc.
The backend system manage all GPS trackers and their users.This system could tracking GPS trackers from different suppliers.
Every user could build and manage his sub users and appoint the GPS trackers for different users to tracking them. The system lists all GPS trackers belongs to the current user.
Query a GPS tracker with IMEI number to check its details.The overview shows GPS trackers details including user profile,tracking time,battery level,healthy,statistical data,etc.
The profile function manage the user’s personal information such as name,ID,telephone,address,monitoring peroid. The location section shows last location.The health data section list the last 6 heartrate and body temperature record. The alert section shows statistical chart of latest alerts. All the data and support export as PDF or Excel file. Click location section to check details of last location.
This location data is from the tamperproof watch. The time is last location time.The Tamperproof watch support upload real time location every 5 seconds or longer.
You can configure the GPS tracker by sending a GPRS command. The command include real time location,SOS number, upload interval,take photo remotely,power OFF,etc.
Press ‘Message’ to check all alerts and system notifacations.Choose a alert record to check the details location.The card shows model number of the GPS tracker,location of the alert,battery level and tracking mode.

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