Hajj Tracking Solution is a technology-based solution designed to monitor and track pilgrims in real time through the use of modern positioning and tracking technologies. The solution is designed to provide better security, organization and management to ensure the safety and smooth performance of the Hajj by the pilgrims.

Hajj Tracking Solution To Provide Safer Management For Pilgrims

Hajj Tracking solutions typically cover the following functions and features:

1.Positioning and Tracking technology: The solution uses a variety of positioning technologies, such as Global Positioning System (GPS), wireless network positioning, Bluetooth beacons, etc., to determine the location information of pilgrims. Through real-time tracking, organizers can understand the location and movement of pilgrims.

2.Real-time monitoring and security management: Hajj Tracking Solution provides real-time monitoring capabilities that enable organizers to monitor the location and activities of pilgrims. This helps to improve safety by identifying potential security risks, such as crowding, disappearances or emergencies, and taking appropriate action.

3.Pilgrim Identification: With the Hajj Tracking Solution, pilgrim identification can be performed, ensuring that only legally registered pilgrim can participate in the event. This helps to reduce the presence of illegal and unregistered pilgrims and maintain safety and order during the Hajj.



Hajj Tracking Solution To Provide Safer Management For Pilgrims

4.Group management and navigation: Hajj Tracking Solution can group pilgrims and provide navigation features so that organizers can better manage the location and movement of groups. This helps organizers guide pilgrims and ensure that they travel to their designated hajj sites on schedule.

5.Emergency response and rescue support: In an emergency, Hajj Tracking Solution can provide an emergency call function where pilgrims can send emergency signals so that organizers and rescuers can respond quickly and help.

Using modern technology and information systems, Hajj Tracking Solution provides a more intelligent and efficient management method to ensure the safety and smooth performance of the Hajj pilgrimage. This solution plays an important role in security monitoring, organizational management and emergency response during the Hajj.