With the continuous progress of science and technology, smart wearable devices are also playing an increasingly important role in the field of judicial supervision. Thinkrace Care Star Technology company, which focuses on the development of innovative intelligent monitoring equipment, has launched a positioning control system designed for people leaving prison to visit their relatives – anti-demolition electronic anklet bracelet. Through high-tech means, this product ensures the strictness of supervision and the personal safety of the supervised personnel, and also provides convenience for their trips to visit relatives.

Product characteristics

1. Anti-demolition design

Thinkrace’s electronic anklets are equipped with advanced tamper-proof technology, and if someone tries to remove them illegally, the system will immediately sound an alarm and notify supervisors via the APP. This design effectively prevents the escape behavior of the supervised personnel and guarantees the strictness of supervision.

2. Precise positioning

The built-in GPS and Beidou dual-mode positioning system ensure that the electronic bracelet can provide accurate location information on a global scale. Whether it is a city or a remote area, the supervisor can keep track of the whereabouts of the person under supervision in real time.

3. Remote photo control

The electronic bracelet is equipped with a high-definition camera, and the supervisor can remotely control the photo through the background system to obtain the current environment of the supervised personnel in real time. This feature is especially important in emergency situations to quickly understand and respond to the situation on the scene.

4. Long-lasting battery life

Considering that the regulated person may wear it for a long time, the Thinkrace electronic bracelet uses a large-capacity battery and low power consumption design, which guarantees long use without frequent charging.

5. Smart APP linkage

Through a dedicated APP, supervisors can easily manage all functions of the electronic bracelet, including viewing real-time location, historical tracks, remote photos, etc. APP interface is simple and intuitive, easy to operate.

6. Watch strap optional

In order to meet the needs of different users, Thinkrace provides a variety of materials and styles of straps for users to choose from, which not only ensures the functionality of the product, but also takes into account the comfort and beauty of wearing.

Usage scenario

Judicial supervision

The electronic anklet provides an efficient and reliable solution for judicial supervision, ensuring that the scope of activities and behaviors of supervised personnel are effectively monitored during the period of leaving prison to visit relatives.

Community correction

Community correction personnel can wear an electronic ankle bracelet to achieve real-time monitoring of their activity range and behavior, helping them better integrate into society and reduce the risk of recidivists.

Special population monitoring

For special people who need special supervision, the electronic anklet can be used as an auxiliary tool to help the guardian understand the location and security status of the guardian in real time.


With its innovative design concept and powerful functions, Thinkrace Care Star Technology company has brought revolutionary changes to the field of judicial supervision. It not only improves the efficiency and safety of supervision, but also provides more humanistic care for the supervised personnel. By choosing Thinkrace, you are choosing a smart regulatory solution that is safe, reliable and convenient.