With its cutting-edge technology and deep market insight, Thinkrace has launched a smart watch with multiple functions in one – the demtachable GPS positioning watch. This watch can not only provide real-time GPS positioning, but also has heart rate detection and one-click SOS SOS function, and seamlessly connects with your smartphone through the APP, bringing more convenience and peace of mind to your life.

Product characteristics
1. Anti-demolition design
This watch from Thinkrace uses advanced tamper proof technology to ensure that the watch cannot be easily removed or cut in any unauthorized situation. This design is especially suitable for children, the elderly, and people who need special supervision, so that families can always keep track of their safety.
2. GPS positioning function
The built-in GPS module can track and record the location information of the wearer in real time, no matter where you are, your family can view the location of the wearer in real time through the APP. In addition, the GPS positioning function also supports the electronic fence setting, once the wearer leaves the set safe area, the system will automatically send an alert to the family.
3. Heart rate detection
The watch is equipped with a high-precision heart rate sensor that can continuously monitor the wearer’s heart rate change 24 hours a day. Through the APP, users can view their heart rate data at any time, understand their health status, and find potential health problems in time.
4. Click “SOS” for help
In case of an emergency, the wearer simply presses the SOS button long enough to send a distress message and current location to a preset emergency contact. This feature allows quick access to assistance in case of danger or need.
5. APP intelligent linkage
With a dedicated APP, users can easily manage all the functions of the watch. Whether it is viewing location information, heart rate data, or setting up electronic fencing and SOS contacts, it can be done in a simple operation.
6. Long battery life
Considering that users may wear the watch for a long time, Thinkrace uses a low-power design to ensure long battery life, reduce the number of charges, and improve the convenience of use.

Usage scenario
Home custody
Parents can use the watch to know the location and health status of their children in real time to ensure the safety of their children.
Care for the elderly
Equipped with this watch for the elderly, they can be more at ease when outside activities, and the family can grasp the dynamics of the elderly at any time.
Sports health
For sports enthusiasts, the heart rate detection function of the watch can help them better monitor the intensity of exercise and physical condition.
Emergency rescue
In the event of an emergency, the one-click SOS function can quickly notify rescuers and improve rescue efficiency.

With its innovative design and comprehensive functionality, Thinkrace’s demash-proof GPS positioning watch provides users with a safe, healthy and convenient smart wear solution. Whether it is home monitoring, elderly care, or personal health management, this watch is the ideal choice for you. Experience the technology of Thinkrace now, so that care and safety are always with you.