As the population ages, the number of patients with senile dementia and young-adult Alzheimer’s disease is increasing, and these diseases are often accompanied by memory loss and disorientation, making patients easily lost. In order to improve the safety of patients, we have launched an anti-lost GPS bracelet designed for patients with Alzheimer’s disease and young Alzheimer’s disease. It has 4G communication and anti-dismantling functions, and is equipped with positioning background to provide all-round security protection for patients and their families.

Product characteristics
1. High precision GPS positioning
Advanced GPS technology ensures accurate tracking of the patient’s location.
2. 4G communication capability
Built-in 4G module, even in the absence of Wi-Fi environment can keep communication smooth.
3. Anti-demolition design
The bracelet is specially designed so that if it is removed illegally, the system will automatically sound an alarm.
4. Health monitoring
Integrate health monitoring functions such as heart rate monitoring and sleep quality analysis to pay attention to the health status of patients.
5. Long-lasting batteries
Optimized battery management technology for long battery life.
6. Get urgent help
The bracelet is equipped with SOS one-key help function, which can quickly send a help signal when patients encounter an emergency.
7. Background management system
Powerful background management system, convenient for family members and caregivers to monitor the status of patients in real time.


System architecture
1. Hardware components
Including GPS positioning module, 4G communication module, health monitoring sensor, anti-demolition mechanism and battery.
2. Software platform
Back-end management software, responsible for data collection, analysis and presentation.
3. Data transmission
Real-time transmission of patient location and health data to background servers via 4G network.
4. Security mechanism
Encrypted data transmission to ensure patient privacy and data security.
Application scenario
1. Home monitoring
Family members can check the patient’s activity track and health status in real time through mobile phones or computers.
2. Community service
Community service organizations can use the bracelet data to provide more accurate care services for patients.
3. Medical institutions
The hospital or clinic can monitor the progress of the patient’s recovery and adjust the treatment plan in time.
4. Emergency rescue
Quickly locate and initiate rescue procedures when a patient is lost or in danger.
Technological advantage
1. Real-time
Real-time tracking and data updates ensure families and caregivers are kept informed of patient status.
Step 2: Accuracy
High precision GPS positioning reduces the risk of patients getting lost.
Step 3: Stability
The stability of 4G network ensures the continuity and reliability of data transmission.
4. Ease of Use
The bracelet is easy to operate and suitable for elderly and young people with Alzheimer’s disease.
Step 5 Expand
The background system can be expanded according to the needs to adapt to different monitoring needs.

Senile dementia and young Alzheimer’s disease anti-lost GPS bracelet 4G anti-dismantling positioning background, is designed for special groups of intelligent monitoring products. It not only improves the safety factor of patients, but also provides convenience for families and caregivers. We believe that through continuous technological innovation and service optimization, we can bring more care and protection to patients.