Thinkrace GPS Indoor and Outdoor Location Solution is a comprehensive location service system designed to solve the location challenges of indoor and outdoor environments. Through advanced technical means, it realizes indoor and outdoor seamless coverage of positioning monitoring, providing users with accurate positioning information. The solution not only supports traditional outdoor GPS positioning, but also combines indoor positioning technology, such as Bluetooth beacons, to ensure stable and reliable positioning services in any environment. In addition, the monitoring background system software of Care Star can be customized, and can be developed and optimized according to the specific needs of users to meet the monitoring and management needs in different scenarios.

Thinkrace GPS positioning solution monitoring background system software customization function is powerful, provides a wealth of background management options, including real-time monitoring, historical track query, electronic fence Settings. Users can view the location information of monitored objects in real time through the background system for effective management and scheduling. At the same time, the system also supports APP side positioning, users can install the corresponding APP on the mobile device, receive the location information anytime and anywhere, remote monitoring and management. This flexible positioning scheme makes Thinkrace GPS positioning system not only suitable for home users, but also suitable for enterprises, schools, hospitals and other application scenarios, providing users with a comprehensive positioning solution.