In today’s society, the problem of violence at home and on campus is getting more and more attention. To protect potential victims, Thinkrace Care Star Technologies has developed protective programs and products. An introduction to the “Close Proximity Alert Watch”, a smart device designed to prevent violence in the home and school.

Proximity Alert Watch: A shield against domestic and school violence
In the family and campus environment, violence not only brings physical harm to the victims, but also has a profound psychological impact on them. In order to reduce the occurrence of such incidents and increase the sense of safety for victims, we have introduced a smart protective device called the “Close Proximity Alert Watch”.

1.product design concept
The design concept of the Close Proximity Alert Watch stems from a deep concern for the safety of victims. We believe that through the power of technology, victims can be provided with timely protection and support. More than just an ordinary smartwatch, the watch integrates a variety of high-tech features to provide real-time alerts and assistance to victims when potential hazards occur.


2. Introduction of core functions
Proximity Alert system: Advanced sensors are built into the watch to detect unusual activity within a certain range around the wearer. Once a potential threat is detected, the watch will immediately sound an alarm to remind the wearer to be safe.
Emergency help function: In case of an emergency, the wearer can send a help message to a preset contact by simple operation. At the same time, the watch will automatically record the location information when asking for help, so that rescuers can quickly locate.
Health monitoring: In addition to safety functions, the watch also has health monitoring functions such as heart rate monitoring and sleep quality analysis to help wearers pay attention to their health status.
Privacy protection: We understand the importance of user privacy, so all data of the watch is encrypted and can only be accessed with the user’s authorization.


3. technical advantages
High-precision sensors: The watch uses high-precision sensors that can accurately identify various abnormal behaviors and reduce the possibility of false positives.
Low-power design: Considering the need for long-term wear, the watch uses a low-power design to ensure a long battery life.
User-friendly interface: The watch’s operating interface is simple and intuitive, even for the elderly and children who are not good at using smart devices.


4. Applicable crowd
The Close Proximity Alert Watch is intended for all groups that need extra safety protection, including children, the elderly, women and any individuals who may be at risk of violence at home or at school.

5. Social Responsibility
We know that preventing violence at home and at school is not only a technical issue, but also a social issue. With this watch, we hope to arouse more people’s attention to this issue and contribute to building a safer and more harmonious social environment.


6. Conclusion
The Close Proximity Alert Watch is a small step in our fight against domestic and school violence, but it represents our deep concern for victims and our relentless pursuit of a safe society. We believe that through continuous technological innovation and social efforts, we can create a safer and better living environment for everyone.