Introducing the PT880, a 4G SIM card sports watch designed for students. This advanced wearable device combines fitness tracking features with communication capabilities, providing a comprehensive solution for active students. With its open SDK for secondary development and a range of innovative features, the PT880 offers a versatile and personalized experience for students.

  • 4G SIM Card Support: The PT880 supports 4G connectivity, allowing students to stay connected and access data services while on the go. With a built-in SIM card slot, the watch offers convenient communication and internet access.
  • Open SDK for Secondary Development: The PT880 provides an open software development kit (SDK), enabling developers and schools to customize and create unique applications and features. This flexibility allows for tailored solutions that cater to specific educational needs and preferences.
  • Anti-Demolition Geofencing Alert: The PT880 features an anti-demolition geofencing alert system, which sends immediate notifications if the watch is tampered with or removed. This ensures the safety and security of the student by alerting supervising authorities of any unauthorized actions.
  • Health Detection: Equipped with health detection capabilities, the PT880 monitors students’ vital signs, such as heart rate and activity levels. This promotes a healthy lifestyle and encourages students to stay active and engaged.

Experience the PT880, a student-focused 4G SIM card sports watch that combines communication, fitness tracking, and safety features. With its open SDK for secondary development, the PT880 allows for customization and tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of schools and students. Watch the video to discover how the PT880 enhances communication, tracks fitness data, and provides advanced safety features such as anti-demolition geofencing alerts. Explore the possibilities of the PT880 and its contribution to students’ well-being, connectivity, and active lifestyle.