In the current society, domestic violence and campus violence are increasingly concerned by the public. To better protect victims, Thinkrace has designed smartwatches for both abusers and victims. Here is an introduction to this type of watch.
Watch for abusers and victims: 4G location and proximity warning system
In the family and school environment, violence not only causes physical and mental harm to the victims, but also has a negative impact on the whole social environment. In order to increase the sense of security for victims, we have launched a smart watch with 4G positioning and close-range alarm function, designed to provide real-time protection and support for victims.

1. Product overview
Designed for both abusers and victims, the watch integrates 4G communication, high-precision positioning, close-range alarms and voice warnings. Through advanced technology, the watch is able to monitor the wearer’s safety situation in real time and issue alerts when necessary, while communicating with the outside world through the system platform and APP.
2. Core functions
4G positioning function: The built-in 4G module of the watch can realize real-time positioning, and its location information can be accurately tracked no matter where the wearer is.
Proximity alarm system: Through built-in sensors, the watch is able to detect unusual activity in a certain range around the wearer. Once a potential threat is detected, the watch automatically emits an alert.
Voice warning: In case of an emergency, the watch is able to issue a voice warning to remind the wearer to be safe while warning potential abusers.
System platform and APP: The watch is connected to a dedicated system platform, and the victim can perform operations through the supporting APP, such as setting a safe zone and emergency contacts.
3. Technical characteristics
High-precision positioning: The watch uses advanced GPS and 4G technology to ensure the accuracy and real-time positioning.
Low-power design: Taking into account the needs of long-term wear, the watch uses a low-power design to ensure long-term battery life.
User-friendly interface: The watch’s operating interface is simple, intuitive and easy to operate, suitable for users of all ages.
Privacy protection: All data of the watch is encrypted to ensure the privacy of the user.
4. Application scenario
This watch is suitable for a variety of scenarios, including home, school, workplace, etc., especially for those individuals who may be at risk of violence, such as women, children, the elderly, etc.
5. Social responsibility
We are well aware that preventing violence at home and at school is the responsibility of the whole society. With this watch, we hope to raise public awareness of the issue of violence while providing more effective protection for victims.”
6. Conclusion
The abuser and Victim watch is our innovative attempt to combat violence. We believe that through the power of technology, we can provide a safer environment for victims. At the same time, we also call on all sectors of society to work together for a society free of violence.