In today’s society, the safety of young people has always been the focus of attention of parents and educators. In order to better protect the safety of underage students and help parents and schools carry out effective supervision, we have launched a monitoring GPS positioning bracelet designed for teenagers. This wristband is equipped with anti-demolition alarm, location tracking and background system APP functions, designed to provide a comprehensive security solution.

Product characteristics
1. Accurate GPS positioning
High precision GPS module is used to ensure real-time accurate tracking of student location.
2. Anti-demolition alarm mechanism
The bracelet is designed with anti-demolition function, and once it is illegally removed, parents and schools are immediately alerted through the APP.
3. 4G real-time communication
Built-in 4G module to ensure real-time communication in any environment.
4. Health monitoring
Integrate heart rate monitoring, activity statistics and other health monitoring functions to pay attention to students’ health.
5. SOS for emergency help
The bracelet is equipped with SOS one-click help function, which allows students to quickly send a help signal in case of emergency.
6. Electronic fence
Through the APP to set up the electronic fence, once students leave the set area, parents and schools will be notified immediately.
7. Background system APP
Provide background system APP, convenient for parents and schools to monitor the location and status of students in real time.

System architecture
1. Hardware components
Including GPS positioning module, 4G communication module, health monitoring sensor, anti-demolition mechanism and so on.
2. Software platform
Back-end management software and APP, responsible for data collection, analysis and presentation.
3. Data transmission and storage
The data is transmitted to the background server in real time through the 4G network and stored securely.
4. Security and privacy
Data encryption and user authentication are adopted to ensure the security and privacy of student information.

Application scenario
1. Campus supervision
Schools can monitor students’ campus activities through the bracelet to ensure student safety.
2. Home monitoring
Parents can know their children’s whereabouts and health status in real time, and respond to their children’s help in time.
3. Emergency response
When a child encounters an emergency, parents and schools can quickly locate and take action.
4. Behavior training
Through activity statistics and other functions, help parents understand their children’s sports habits and promote healthy growth.

Technological advantage
1. Real-time
Real-time tracking and communication to ensure the instant transfer of information.
2. Accuracy
High precision GPS positioning reduces positioning errors.
3. Stability
4G network ensures the stability and reliability of data transmission.
4. Ease of Use
The bracelet and APP design is simple and easy to use for students and parents.
5. Expand
The back-end system can be expanded as needed to adapt to different regulatory needs.

Juvenile students supervision GPS positioning bracelet is a set of safety, health, convenient in one intelligent supervision equipment. It not only improves student safety, but also provides parents and schools with an effective monitoring tool. We believe that through continuous technological innovation and service optimization, we can provide more comprehensive and meticulous care for the growth of young people.