Traxbean Bracelet provides superior location monitoring for community correction program. Additionally, GPS location monitoring is a useful alternative to management for security guards.helping officers more effectively supervise clients while enhancing community safety.


1,Being suitable for Global 4G network in worldwide.

2,Supporting GPS, AGPS, LBS and Wifi for outdoor and indoor precise tracking.,

3,Supporting alert of tampeproof, geofence, offline and low battery.,

4,IP67/ IP68 waterproof for swimming and taking shower with room temperature water.

5,Customization of tracking software and APPs to build your own monitoring system.

6,Customizing tracking system and App , hardware, appearance, firmware and packaging with your brand.

Tamper-Resistant: The participant wears a tamper-proof GPS tracking device that will alert if removed.

Real-Time GPS Tracking: The device records location date, and timestamp. The device enables real-time tracking of the participant’s movements and visited locations, providing continuous monitoring and supervision.

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