With the rapid development of science and technology, smart wearable devices are more and more widely used in all walks of life. In the construction industry, worker safety and efficiency management are particularly important. To this end, we have launched an intelligent 4G positioning bracelet designed for site workers, which integrates GPS positioning system and is equipped with background personnel management system to support secondary development of SDK to meet the unique needs of different enterprises.

Product characteristics
1. Precise positioning
The use of advanced GPS technology to achieve accurate indoor and outdoor positioning, ensuring that workers in every corner of the site can be monitored in real time.
2. 4G communication module
Built-in 4G module to ensure stable data transmission in the construction site environment without Wi-Fi coverage.
3. Health monitoring
The bracelet is equipped with health functions such as heart rate monitoring and sleep monitoring, and pays real-time attention to the physical condition of workers.
4. Environmental adaptability
Waterproof and dust-proof design, adapt to a variety of harsh site environment.
5. Long-term endurance
Optimized power management technology ensures that the bracelet can maintain a long battery life even under high intensity use.
6. Background management
Powerful back-office management system that can view workers’ location, health status and work data in real time.
7. Secondary development of SDK
Provide SDK, support enterprises according to their own needs for secondary development, to achieve more customized functions.
System architecture
1. Hardware components
The bracelet hardware includes GPS module, 4G communication module, sensor set, display screen and battery.
2. Software platform
Background management system software, responsible for data collection, processing and presentation.
3. Data transmission
The data collected by the bracelet is transmitted to the background server in real time through the 4G network.
4. Security mechanism
Encrypted transmission to ensure data security and privacy.
Application scenario
1. Positioning of workers
Managers can quickly find the real-time location of any worker through the system.
2. Security monitoring
The system can set up electronic fences to alert workers once they are outside the safe zone.
3. Health monitoring
Monitor workers’ heart rate and activity levels to prevent overwork and health problems.
4. Work efficiency analysis
Through the collected work data, the work efficiency of workers is analyzed and the work allocation is optimized.
5. Emergency rescue
When workers are in danger, the bracelet can send SOS signals to quickly locate and implement rescue.
Technological advantage
1. Real-time
Real-time positioning and data transmission ensure the immediacy of information.
Step 2: Accuracy
High precision GPS positioning reduces errors.
Step 3: Stability
The stability of 4G network ensures the reliability of data transmission.
Step 4 Expand
SDK support, allowing users to extend the functionality according to their needs.
5. User friendly
Background management system friendly interface, simple operation.
The site workers intelligent 4G positioning bracelet GPS positioning system background personnel management solution not only improves the safety management level of the site, but also improves the work efficiency and health protection of workers. Through the secondary development of SDK, enterprises can customize more functions according to their own needs to achieve more intelligent and more humane site management.