In modern industrial production, worker safety management and efficiency monitoring is an important part of enterprise management. In order to improve production efficiency, ensure worker safety, and meet the needs of enterprises for real-time monitoring of worker behavior and health status, our company has launched a 4G smart worker watch designed for factory workers. This watch not only has basic communication and positioning functions, but also supports secondary development apis and SDKS to provide customized intelligent solutions for enterprises.

Product overview

4G smart worker watch is a smart wearable device that integrates 4G communication, GPS positioning, health monitoring, emergency help and other functions. Designed for the factory environment, it can adapt to a variety of complex industrial scenarios and provide workers with a full range of intelligent services.

Core function

4G communication capability: The watch supports 4G full Netcom to ensure that a stable communication connection can be maintained in any environment, and it is easy for workers to communicate and transfer information with the outside world.

GPS positioning function: Built-in high-precision GPS module, real-time tracking of workers, to help business managers quickly locate workers, optimize production scheduling.

Health monitoring: The watch can monitor workers’ heart rate, blood pressure and other vital signs, timely detection of health problems, to protect the health of workers.

Emergency help: In the event of an emergency, workers can quickly send out a help signal through the SOS button on the watch to ensure timely rescue.

Secondary development API and SDK: The watch provides open API and SDK, which supports enterprises to conduct secondary development according to their own needs and achieve personalized function customization.

Smart reminder: The watch can remind workers to rest or work intelligently according to the workers’ work plan and rest time, improving work efficiency.

Data synchronization: The watch can synchronize data with the control background of the factory to update the working status and health data of workers in real time.

Waterproof and dust-proof: The watch has IP68 waterproof and dust-proof function to adapt to a variety of harsh working environments.

Application scenario

Production scheduling: Enterprise managers can monitor the location of workers in real time and optimize production scheduling through the positioning function of the watch.

Safety management: Through the watch’s health monitoring and emergency help function, timely detection of workers’ health problems and emergencies, to ensure the safety of workers.

Health monitoring: The watch can monitor the vital signs of workers in real time and provide health monitoring services for workers.

Environmental monitoring: The environmental monitoring function of the watch can help enterprises find safety hazards in the production environment in a timely manner.

Personalized customization: Through the secondary development API and SDK, enterprises can customize personalized functions and services according to their own business needs.

Technical parameter

Communication module: 4G full network

GPS positioning accuracy: ±5 meters

Heart rate monitoring: 24-hour real-time monitoring

Blood pressure monitoring: Automatic measurement, accurate data

Waterproof class: IP68

Screen display: 1.3-inch HD touch screen

Open interface: API and SDK support secondary development

Service and support

We provide comprehensive after-sales service and technical support to ensure that every enterprise user can get a satisfactory experience. At the same time, we will continue to update and optimize product features to meet the needs of the market and enterprises.


4G smart worker watch is an ideal choice for enterprises to improve production efficiency and ensure worker safety. Through this watch, companies can achieve real-time monitoring and management of workers, improve production efficiency, while protecting the health and safety of workers. To choose our 4G smart worker watch is to choose a smart, efficient and safe industrial production partner.